Meet the Makers 2: Ali – Pyjama Drama

Tell us about yourself: My name is Ali from Pyjama Drama. I run public classes, visit nurseries/schools, appear at events and do the most amazing birthday parties where children really believe they have been flying with fairies or sailing with pirates or visiting royalty!

What attracts you to #FunPalaces? I know there are always a lot of families at the Fun Palace and I particularly want to meet families who are interested in developing their children’s learning.

What are you going to do at Lancaster Fun Palace 2019? I will be performing an interactive show for 3-7 year olds. There is a dragon with 20 heads asleep outside the Fun Palace and we need to sing and dance the Dragon Jive to give it a headache in all 20 of its heads so it will go home for peace and quiet. Will our plan work? Find out at Lancaster Fun Palace!


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