Meet the Makers 10: Julia – Friends of Lancaster City Museum


My name is Julia and I’m the Chair of the Friends of Lancaster City Museum. The Friends are pleased to be organising a programme of events in the City Museum this year as part of Lancaster’s Fun Palace. These Fun Palace events will take place downstairs in the Museum gallery, which is a great welcoming space. 
The gallery currently displays a temporary exhibition entitled “The Twisted Rose & Other Lives” by Andy Farr, which explores the themes of mental health and art. The artwork is inspired by the stories and lives of people who are recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We have tried to be sensitive to this theme in our programming of Fun Palace events in the gallery space. Our programme therefore includes yoga, mindfulness, engaging maths puzzles and a taster talk on storytelling for health. 
Fun Palaces’ aim is to put “community at the heart of culture and culture at the heart of the community”. Local museums play a key role in doing just that – these are spaces which help us to forge an understanding of our past, and, as Andy Farr’s current exhibition demonstrates, these spaces also help us to make sense of the present moment and to help shape the future. The Friends aim to support and promote the Museum through, for example, fundraising , volunteering and hosting events. We are currently working to establish a Youth Forum for young people to engage with our past and help to shape the future of our museums. 
Lancaster is such a vibrant and creative city, it is fantastic that it has such a busy and diverse Fun Palace and we can’t wait to be part of the big weekend!  
We would like to thank all of the workshop organisers who are putting on our events at the City Museum – Jenny Reeves for the yoga workshop, Hazel Hardie for our mindfulness session, Mary J. Lockwood for the storytelling and health taster talk and Happy Collie Tutoring for the maths puzzles. We’d also like to thank the Museum Manager, Charlotte, and her team for being supportive of the idea. And finally huge thanks to the Friends of Lancaster Library, Emma, Liz and the team for arranging such a brilliant Fun Palace in the city – we are so lucky to have them leading the way and organising such a great weekend! 
We hope that Fun Palace visitors enjoy their visit to the Museum. If you’re interested in supporting the Museum we do hope that you’ll consider joining the Friends too! @folcm1 



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