Meet the Makers 12: Hazel – Mindfulness

I’m Hazel, a mindset coach and hypnotherapist based in Lancaster. I help people get more of what they want in life, by helping them change their limiting beliefs and find their inner sense of purpose. 
For me, mindfulness is about much more than meditating in a quiet place. It’s about being present with my kids even when I’m tempted to check social media; it’s about hearing the negative talk in my head without getting caught up in it; and it’s about not getting stressed when things go wrong. It helps remind me to look around and feel grateful for the good things going on in my life. 
I love sharing the benefits of mindfulness with people, and I’m really excited about running the Mindfulness at the Museum session at 2pm on Saturday 5th October, as part of the Fun Palace event. This session is going to be the perfect introduction for anyone curious about mindfulness, and anyone who wants to create more calmness and less stress in their daily life. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.


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